New Feature Added: Golden Star Signal

For some time we have had the Golden Star* signal in our charts, but now we have added it to our lists so you can easily find the latest Golden Star* signals issued in our system.

*Golden Star is a technical signal that was first introduced in 2007 by J.Stromberg at the website The signal derives from the well known 'Golden Cross' that uses 50 or 200 days of moving averages to define, what has been argued by many, what was the best technical signal out of them all. Backtesting proves actual strong results on the signal which has a delay of 2 days.

The 'Golden Star' signal differs from the 'Golden Cross' by adding more conditions for the signal to appear. For instance, the moving averages have to be selected based on the time frame that was selected. In addition, it has to cross the price line at a given pattern as shown below.

Golden cross

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