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How to make 54 498 USD in two months

Below is an image of our demo-account of Plus500. Here you can see how 20.000 became 74.498 in just 2 months and we only used technical analysis from our own system for the decision making.

The second image is from our small excerise today (June 30th). Making USD 4.054 in some 6 hours on GoPro bringing my demo account up to USD 78.552

1. Don't let emotions control you.
​2. Practice and refine your strategy everyday.
3. Always asses the risk and use stop-loss.

You can establish a demo account at Plus500 following this link: PLUS 500 DEMO ACCOUNT (Please note that we are affiliate of Plus500 so if you ever go to real trading using Plus500 we will earn comission and dedicate it to further development of our algorithms).

It is to easy to loose money trading stocks and currencies so we urge to take in all circumstances and use your common sense.

Jim, Co-Founder of




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