Our 2017 Christmas Donation

You using our services helped us donate meals to kids in need!

When we first started our project "StockInvest" we had strong visions for what we wanted. Like all businesses we wanted to make money. Our vision was, and still is, to help you in your investment decisions so you can profit knowing that if you profit from our help we could profit from you. The other goal was to be able to help those who need it by being socially responsible. It is always a huge risk when you start something using your own capital, but in our very first year we donated a small amount despite being in the red. During 2017 our project has grown and today we server almost 10.000 users every day in the quest for good stock trades. The strong growth enabled us to donate even more this year. We firmly believe the youth is the future, so like last year our donation went to the kids.

The donation to Maltese'' Children's Day Centers​ providing hot meals to kids in need

Maltese' Children's Day Centers are working with kids from groups of social risk. For them it's like a second home where they not only feel safe but also constantly improve their social skills, learning how to be more independent and also are engaged in activities which keep them out of the streets.

Why we wanted to donate for a hot meal

It's not a secret that warm food is the main reason why children come to these centers. Only when their bellies are full, they start to interact. Maltese' centers are the main warm food source for the most of these kids. For one kid they spend 0,5 euro per day. Before leaving, children have tea with sandwiches, fruits and cookies. At home they find an empty fridge (if there is one), cold rooms and very often - drunk parents. That's why most of them trying to stay at Children's Day Center as much as possible and never want to go home.

Sadly, most of the kids come to Children's Day Centers of Maltese just to eat because there's no food at home.

About Children Day Centers of Maltese'

Day Centers are established in 12 cities and villages of Lithuania. They host kids from socially disadvantaged families, from families with social risk and also from big families. Their parents often are jobless alcoholics; sometimes with psychological disorders. The biggest rate of unemployment is in a countryside, so there're a lot of families which can't guarantee all the necessary care and support for healthy development of their children. Establishment of those centers was very important for Maltese - it help a great deal in improving lives of children from socially disadvantaged families.

In Children's Day Centers teachers help kids with their homework. During various activities children are also learning how to work with computer, doing sports, playing music, reading tales, are engaged in various art works, learning how to make food, cleaning dishes, visiting lonely elders etc. During those activities kids are learning the most important values of life which have huge influence in their development as an active members of society.

You just made someones day a bit better

You, using our service, just made someone’s day a bit better. We will keep our promise and keep donating. We live by our vision and hope that you will have the best trading year ever. We will constantly keep improving our services and hope to see you around!



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