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Vilnius, Lithuania – May 2, 2016 - www.stockinvest.us company offers you recommendations for over 5'600 US stocks in the easiest way possible. The system uses a combination of well known technical analysis variables and self-developed scoring systems to rank each stock.

According to the company’s CEO Vytautas Matuzas, “The common stock trader doesn’t want to waste time trying to understand or find required the information.  Like the rest of the internet users, they seek for pure information in a clear and readable manner. It is a global trend. And why should sources like this be preserved to the brokers?” 

When questioned about how the company can make money offering the information for free, the CEO replied. “Actually, we are not sure yet. People are tired of ads all over the place, and subscription services are not the user’s first choice. The team has built a brilliant product, and we need to bring it out to the public. I firmly believe that if our users find this useful, we will be able to find a way to make a business out of it. Currently, we are running two ads and we have a donation button. To me personally, this is more of a statement; it is a challenge to show how information should be presented and to simplify the richness and deep knowledge that can be found in technical analysis”.

The company is located in Vilnius, Lithuanian, a city that is the current hotspot for new IT businesses in Europe. According to the CEO Vytautas Matuzas, this was a strategic choice. Some of the IT people here are the best in the world and with a low-cost base compared to many other countries, they see an increase in Foreign Direct Investments. Many investors abroad see this as a country of opportunities. Hopefully, that will put them in a situation where they can attract investors to our capital to bring everything to the next level.

The company plans to increase the quantity of stocks analyzed and has already had to change server location twice to meet the growth in traffic and have enough computer power to run the highly advanced and extensive algorithms needed to analyse each stock. “With thousands upon thousands of lines with codes, we managed to create a unique and useful tool for the common stock trader. Why should we ruin it by presenting it in a complex way? If we want, we can present the results for each and one of the many 100’s of parameters we analyse, but that would not change the result. It will just complicate it everything take attention away from the real questions. Is it time to buy or sell?”, Vytautas says.

The system detects quick changes of behavior in 'Apple' stocks that has recently cost the investors billions of dollars after a sharp fall in the stock price.

More information about the new company and its services can be found here: http://www.stockinvest.us

About StockInvest.us

StockInvest.us is fully owned by "Exigam", a Vilnius, Lithuania based IT company founded in 2016. Every day more than 5'600 companies are analyzed that are traded at the Nasdaq Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange providing in-depth analysis and clear recommendations based on technical signals.

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