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About is the fastest growing site in US for technical analysis covering more than 5.500 US stocks and growing by the day. The site provides pattern recognition and offers visually and easy to use charts along with in-depth technical commentaries written by special algorithms. One of the main features is the in-house developed Golden Star signal.

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Golden Star is a technical signal that was first introduced in 2007 by our co-founder Jim Stromberg at the website The signal derives from the well-known 'Golden Cross' that uses 50 or 200 days of moving averages to define, what has been argued by many, what was the best technical signal out of them all.

The 'Golden Star' signal differs from the 'Golden Cross' by adding more conditions for the signal to appear. For instance, the moving averages must be selected based on the time frame that was selected. In addition, it must cross the price line at a given pattern for the signal to be valid. 

Strong gains to be made

Below is an example of Insperity Inc (NSP) that Mid-September issued a Golden Star @ USD 81. Now some 3 months later the stock is up +42% and are currently being traded @ USD 115.


In the more well-known company APPLE, a golden star was found 10th of July @ USD 144, and is now traded well over USD 170 after gaining almost +20% in the period. 

Juno Therapeutics ( JUNO ) had a golden star in medium term chart early march @ USD 22.00 and is currently being traded above USD 62 after a gaining nearly a whopping 300%.

At we are listing companies that issued the Golden Star. Typically, less than 10 are found each day after analyzing more than 5.500 tickers. In addition to being listed more information can be found in the technical commentaries for tickers with this signal identified.

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