NASDAQ down -4.17%. Our portfolio is up +8.56%

[UPDATED 04 NOV 2016]


We were challenged to test our scoring system (Stocks to buy in our list) by a professional investor to see exactly how much profit it would yield.

​We started with the TOP 5 of the list that's in AUG 23'rd. The criteria were simple:


1. Sell if stop-loss is triggered

​2. Sell if the recommendation turns negative.

​3. Change with the first on top score list on the day of sale.


​Normally, this is not the best way to do it. In our other portfolios we use criteria like risk, volume or others. But the main challenge was to test the ranking system. To make it more realistic, there has been an added 0.1% to buy and sell fee for each transaction.

NB: Stop-loss is used in a way that you always move your stop-loss up as the stock goes up. (It can never become lower and it should be changed when the prices rise). We used our stop-loss, which is calculated by our system.

Since the start, the portfolio has now returned 8.56% while both Nasdaq and Dow Jones have returned negative values in the period. Below there is some more information.


Value of the portfolio  54.867,90
Cost for buy/Sell      586,49
Total return   54.281,41

Actual return:   8.56 %
​Nasdaq:         - 4.17%
​Dow Jones:     -3.55%

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