Ticker Company name Price Score
CTIB CTI Industries Corporation $5.56
Sector: Consumer Goods Industry: Rubber & Plastics
MRIN Marin Software Incorporated $1.20
Sector: Technology Industry: Application Software
LMFA LM Funding America $4.04
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
AWRE Aware $4.85
Sector: Technology Industry: Application Software
STXS Stereotaxis $0.56
Sector: Healthcare Industry: Medical Appliances & Equipment
IGLD Internet Gold Golden Lines Ltd. $6.68
Sector: Technology Industry: Diversified Communication Services
BKSC Bank of South Carolina Corp. $18.87
Sector: Financial Industry: Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks
LBIX Leading Brands Inc $1.46
Sector: Consumer Goods Industry: Beverages - Soft Drinks
GYRO Gyrodyne $20.01
Sector: Financial Industry: REIT - Diversified
STAF Staffing 360 Solutions $0.65
Sector: Services Industry: Staffing & Outsourcing Services
AAME Atlantic American Corporation $3.60
Sector: Financial Industry: Life Insurance
CGG CGG $4.53
Sector: Basic Materials Industry: Oil & Gas Equipment & Services
GCVRZ Sanofi $0.35
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
ARKR Ark Restaurants Corp. $23.50
Sector: Services Industry: Restaurants
OIIM O2Micro International Limited $1.85
Sector: Technology Industry: Diversified Electronics
MNDO MIND C.T.I. Ltd. $2.45
Sector: Technology Industry: Information Technology Services
AGND WisdomTree Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Negative Duration Fund $43.46
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
LARK Landmark Bancorp Inc. $29.40
Sector: Financial Industry: Regional - Southwest Banks
OSBCP Old Second Bancorp $10.41
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
IKNX Ikonics Corporation $8.55
Sector: Basic Materials Industry: Specialty Chemicals
CREG China Recycling Energy Corporation $1.31
Sector: Industrial Goods Industry: Waste Management
QRHC Quest Resource Holding Corporation. $1.97
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
CYRN CYREN Ltd. $2.00
Sector: Technology Industry: Security Software & Services
DAVE Famous Dave $3.45
Sector: Services Industry: Restaurants
NFEC NF Energy Saving Corporation $0.86
Sector: Industrial Goods Industry: Industrial Equipment & Components

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