Ticker Company name Price Score
CGA China Green Agriculture Inc $1.26
Sector: Basic Materials Industry: Agricultural Chemicals
CHKR Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust $2.58
Sector: Basic Materials Industry: Independent Oil & Gas
TKAI Tokai Pharmaceuticals $0.60
Sector: Healthcare Industry: Biotechnology
MVO MV Oil Trust $6.92
Sector: Basic Materials Industry: Independent Oil & Gas
ARCW ARC Group Worldwide $3.70
Sector: Industrial Goods Industry: Metal Fabrication
ELTK Eltek Ltd. $0.65
Sector: Technology Industry: Printed Circuit Boards
WSTL Westell Technologies $0.64
Sector: Technology Industry: Communication Equipment
DMTX Dimension Therapeutics $1.45
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
CANF Can-Fite BioPharma Ltd $1.81
Sector: Healthcare Industry: Biotechnology
ABAC Aoxin Tianli Group $2.20
Sector: Consumer Goods Industry: Farm Products
INOD Innodata Inc. $1.90
Sector: Technology Industry: Internet Software & Services
PYDS Payment Data Systems $1.50
Sector: Services Industry: Business Services
HNH Handy & Harman Ltd. $26.90
Sector: Industrial Goods Industry: Industrial Equipment & Components
SUMR Summer Infant $1.71
Sector: Consumer Goods Industry: Personal Products
OPXA Opexa Therapeutics $0.64
Sector: Healthcare Industry: Biotechnology
GAINO Gladstone Investment Corporation $25.65
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
CANN General Cannabis Corp $2.15
Sector: Financial Industry: Property Management
EFOI Energy Focus $3.12
Sector: Consumer Goods Industry: Home Furnishings & Fixtures
SYMX Synthesis Energy Systems $0.83
Sector: Basic Materials Industry: Specialty Chemicals
GSL Global Ship Lease Inc $1.37
Sector: Services Industry: Shipping
PESI Perma-Fix Environmental Services $3.20
Sector: Industrial Goods Industry: Waste Management
QURE uniQure N.V. $5.29
Sector: Healthcare Industry: Biotechnology
CGG CGG $6.78
Sector: Basic Materials Industry: Oil & Gas Equipment & Services
FALC FalconStor Software $0.31
Sector: Technology Industry: Application Software
PERI Perion Network Ltd $1.67
Sector: Technology Industry: Business Software & Services

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These lists shows you the latest signals from our system. You are now able to easily scan these Buy or Sell signals from moving averages and other indicators that we present. For a fact, many traders are trading on technical signals. This type of trading, where you are looking for a short term profit, is often referred as 'swing trading'.

The more professional you become, the more signals you will add into your calculations to decide your final choice.

One special tip is to keep an eye on the volume (follow the momentum). A buy signal followed by an increase in volume is usually a good trade.

We will continue to add more services and you may always send us your feedback !

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