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Investors are paying close attention to the charts of Dominion Resources Inc (DRUA), as the shares are holding above the MACD Histogram zero line. The equity recently moved 0.01, touching 25.25 on a r Read more
Dominion Resources Inc (DRUA) are being monitored this week as the Schaff Trend Cycle levels have shown a consistent downtrend over the course of the past 5 trading sessions. If the levels breach the Read more
Mar 13 is a negative day so far for Dominion Energy Inc. ENHCD SUB NT16 A (DRUA) as the ETF is active during the day after losing 0.6% to hit $24.85 per share. The exchange traded fund has net assets Read more
Shares of Dominion Resources Inc (DRUA) have seen the Relative Momentum Indicator (RMI) climb higher over the past 5 sessions. When this occurs, traders will be watching closely to see if the price br Read more
The recent price of 24.99 for shares of Dominion Resources Inc (DRUA) has put the price level above the Balance Step, indicating a near-term bullish pattern developing. Calculated from the last five b Read more
Dominion Resources Inc (DRUA) has traders on alert as the Balance of Power signal has continued a strong upward trend over multiple trading sessions. The BOP oscillates around zero center line in the Read more
Dominion Resources Inc (DRUA) shares have continued their upward march, moving 11.23% higher over the past quarter. The stock has clocked in a change of 2.34% most recently for the past week. In takin Read more
Dominion Resources Inc (DRUA) shares have been sparking interest of late as the volume moving average (VMA) has climbed steadily over the past seven bars. In the most recent session, shares touched a Read more
The Awesome Oscillator for Dominion Resources Inc (DRUA) is showing a five day consistent downtrend, signaling building market momentum for the shares. Author and trader Bill Williams created The Awes Read more
Watching the signals on shares of Dominion Resources Inc (DRUA), we note that the PPO is currently below the signal line. Technical traders might be watching for the stock to display signs of a bearis Read more

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