Stock Screener


How does the stock screener work?
A stock screener is a tool that filters and selects stocks based on specific criteria, such as price, market capitalization, sector, and financial ratios. It scans a database of companies and presents a list of stocks that meet the chosen criteria.

How do I need to use a screener to find stocks?
The most effective method to discover good stocks involves analyzing various indicators. To use a stock screener effectively, you need to:
  1. Determine your investment goals and criteria.
  2. Set your desired filters.
  3. Apply the filters and review the results to find stocks that match your goals.
  4. Conduct further research on the selected stocks to assess their investment potential. For that, look to stock market news, financial reports, analyst recommendations, and other relevant sources of information.

How do I start searching for trading ideas?
To start searching for trading ideas using a screener, begin by using pre-made lists provided at the beginning of the page. These lists often include popular categories such as top gainers, losers, and dividends stocks. Also, our Top Buy Candidates List can be a great source of trading ideas.

What are Screeners?
In Screeners, we utilize popular and robust technical analysis signals and indicators within the pre-selected lists, allowing users to quickly identify stocks that align with their specific investment or trading goals.

What's the difference between fundamental and technical filters?
Fundamental filters in Stock Screener focus on a company's financial health and performance, such as earnings and revenue. Technical filters, on the other hand, rely on historical price, specific signals, and volume data to identify potential stock trends and patterns.