Stop-loss, Support and Resistance

Previous Hold Today RETA ranks #1014 as HOLD CANDIDATE. Next Hold
Today RETA ranks #1014 as HOLD CANDIDATE.


RETA stock



This stock has very high daily movements and this gives very high risk. The RSI14 is 74 and this increases the risk substantially. There is a sell signal from pivot top found 1 days ago. Risk:
Very high


Level Price
R3 78.85
R2 77.49
R1 76.65
S1 73.93
S2 73.09
S3 71.73

Support & Resistance

Level Price Chg %
R3 0 .
R2 0 .
R1 77.15 2.80%
S1 72.90 -2.86%
S2 72.75 -3.06%
S3 72.49 -3.41%


Accumulated volume: $75.29

About Support and resistance

There are many factors used to determine support and resistance. The most common are:

  • Trend
  • Moving averages
  • Round numbers
  • Previous tops and bottoms
  • Accumulated volume

You may discuss what is the best, but by looking at the chart you will be able to get a more visual expression. Any support or resistance is weakened or strengthened by divergence in volume. If price is falling on high volume support levels may be broken easier. The same if price is rising on low volume, the resistance may be harder to break.

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