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Powered by the cutting-edge GPT-4 engine from OpenAI, AI Analysis breezes through mountains of financial data, up-to-date news, analyst price targets, our proprietary technical analysis, and core fundamental data.
Golden Star Signal
Golden Star is a unique signal developed by Jim Stromberg, co-founder, in 2007 that identifies potential gainers. Accessing the list can give you a competitive edge.
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Analyzing 42 exchanges daily, enables traders to better understand global market trends and find more buy candidates.
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Including lists of possible runners, undervalued stocks, and confirmed buy candidates with signal durations. These lists can help investors make informed investment decisions.
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What Our Users Say

I spend 60 minutes every morning making my strategy for the day using his stock lists and then place my orders. No minute by minute stress just check in at the end of the day and voila.... I never imagined it could be so simple. Been using it for 6 weeks and have a 38% return so far. Great!
It's a very nice site with excellent analysis. It is very convenient that it presents all the results to you in lists without having to worry about examining the stocks. I've seen many analysis sites so far, but I don't think there is another like it for an investor.
I am very much a novice. I had been dabbling/losing money in the market for a couple years before I came across I am still by no means more than a novice. The difference is now I learn daily about the market. has been a great site for me.
Richard K.
I have truly enjoyed your website. I use it as a resource when I trade options. I predominantly use your "list" search to look for strong stocks trending in the direction of my trade. Before I place any trades, I always check your site for your "score"
Danny D'Cruze
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Free Trial?
A premium subscription on our website opens up features not available for free use, such as top 5 BUY Candidates, Golden Star List & Auto Portfolios, ad-free browsing, etc.

We provide a 14-day free trial period to decide on purchasing a subscription. During this period, the user can use any site function without limits. If the user does not unsubscribe during these 14 days, automatic recurring payments for the selected plan will begin.
How can I pay for the subscription?
You can pay for the subscription online by credit card or through Paypal.

Cards accepted for payment (powered by Stripe): Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, and American Express.

All subscriptions include a 10-day risk-free money-back guarantee.
Can I change my subscription?
If you want to change your subscription plan or email address, please contact us at [email protected].
How do our algorithms work?
You always see the latest data, analysis, and technical commentaries.

Our technical analysis is based on the price data of EOD (end of the day). So all the signals are based on the very last trading day. After markets close, our system calculates short-term forecasts (scores, etc.) every trading day. It usually takes a couple of hours for the calculations to complete and appear on
*How many AI Analysis reports per day can I generate?
At the moment, 6 credits are available to users per day for unique stock ticker analysis. However, it's worth mentioning that we do not deduct credits if a user requests an analysis of a ticker that has already been analyzed. Therefore, even with the 6-credit limit, you may be able to generate more reports without running out of credits if you're requesting information on previously analyzed tickers.

We are actively working towards increasing the limits and speed, so stay tuned for updates.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel it from your user profile page. Right here

If you have any questions or need assistance, please get in touch with us at [email protected].