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Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program and get 30% LIFETIME commission on any sale generated through your affiliate link.

Commission from USD 4.50 to USD 60.00 per sale!

5 Reasons To Sign Up:

  • Totally Free!
  • Send 100 visitors and get 1 month free subscription
  • No Customer Concerns
  • Make Money While You Sleep
  • Live traffic update!

Data you are going to love:

  • Affiliates are now sending good traffic and cashing in!
  • 1-2% click rate is per view!
  • Average sales commission USD 32.50
  • We have added some text for you to use both as content and teaser. We know that this creates even higher click-through rate.

Income example based on statistics:

100 views => 1 - 2 clicks => 1-2 sales => USD 10.00 - 35.00

1.000 views => 10 - 20 clicks => 3-5 sales => USD 90.00 - 120.00

100.000 views => 1.000 -2.000 clicks => 300 - 500 sales => USD 2.500 - 3.500*

* More traffic give less variation and closer to the median.

HowTo - Step By Step

1. Sign up (Free).

2. Log into your account @ (Our affiliate program).

3. Go to asset folder and select the media you want ( Banner / text ).

4. Place the banner/text on your webpage / Facebook / Twitter etc and make sure that it links with your affiliate id (You find it when logged in)

5. Test that it works. Click on your banner / text and check in our affiliate program that a view and a click have been registered.

6. That's it! Cash in!

Become an Affiliate


Getting started

This is how you get started

Using Banners

Small tutorial how to include our banners to generate traffic

Using Text Links

Small tutorial how to include text links to generate traffic

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