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10 Reasons To Sign Up:

  • Totally Free!
  • 30% commission
  • Commission from USD 4.50 to USD 60.00 per sale!
  • No Customer Concerns
  • Make Money While You Sleep
  • Live traffic update!
  • Affiliates are now sending good traffic and cashing in!
  • 1-2% click rate per view!
  • Average sales commission USD 32.50
  • We keep increasing our affiliate products

HowTo - Step By Step

  1. Sign up (free).
  2. Log into your account @ (our affiliate program).
  3. Go to asset folder and select the media you want ( banner / text ).
  4. Place the banner/text on your webpage / Facebook / Twitter etc and make sure that it links with your affiliate id (you find it when logged in)
  5. Test that it works. Click on your banner / text and check in our affiliate program that a view and a click have been registered.
  6. That's it! Cash in!

Become an Affiliate