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Prediction System

Every day, our users can practice predicting the price and direction of stock movement. Everything is very easy:

  1. Register on our website;
  2. Select any ticker from the database (at StockInvest.us, we have more than 30,000 of them);.
  3. In the Chart section, choose "Which way will **** go?" widget. Select the expected direction and indicate the price at which you think the market will close;
  4. The results will appear 3-4 hours after the close of the exchanges.


  • Predictions have to be made before 15.00 EET. All predictions made after this time will apply to the next trading day.
  • Our current prediction system is revolved around the community. Hence, it doesn't affect the technical analysis that has been predicted for stocks in any way.

  • 0 points

    1 - 3 points

    4 - 5 points

    10 points

    x % (accuracy)

    Your prediction (bigger)

    Your prediction (smaller)

    Stock went up by %

    Stock went down by %

    Your score is being calculated every day after we update our system.

    • 1 point for 98.50%
    • 2 points for 99.10%
    • 3 points for 99.25%
    • 4 points for 99.50%
    • 5 points for 99.75%
    • 10 points for 99.90%

    'No data' means that prediction is waiting for the price update.

    These are the respective ranks for accumulating a certain amount of points:

    Pro Requires 1.000 points

    Veteran Requires 750 points

    Senior Requires 500 points

    Merchant Requires 250 points

    Amateur Requires 100 points

    Requires a bullseye (10 points)

    If you require more information or have any other questions not regarding predictions, please visit our FAQ page here.