About Portfolios

The portfolios work by picking the best stocks based on the scores from our scoring system. The candidates are then filtered depending on the setting of the portfolio. Tickers that are in the portfolio will be sold if the score becomes negative or the stop-loss condition is met.

Stop-loss is very important for the portfolio. It is based on a suggestion generated by our calculations, and it's being re-calculated on a daily basis. The rule of thumb for the stop-loss is that it can't go down, only rise up. By doing so, your potential gains are secured against sudden drops in the shared prices.


If you want to follow these portfolios you should always check the "Candidates" list. There you will find the upcoming picks. Due to the portfolios being updated only once every trading day (after the exchanges close) we are re-calculating our new stop-loss before trading starts the upcoming day.

As our portfolios are based on the end-of-the-day prices, the purchase may differ from your calculation. Once a stock in the portfolio is sold you should buy the first candidate that's in the "Candidates" list. You may get a different price than this system, which will use the end-of-the-day price for the new candidate in the portfolio.

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These portfolios are managed by our early BETA stage algorithms and some errors may occur. Use this information from these portfolios at your own risk. By accessing this site you agree and are held liable for your own investment decisions and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please read more here.