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Some handy signals in the technical analysis allow you to choose promising stocks to buy. One of them is a Golden Star.

Golden Star vs. Golden Cross

Golden Star is a technical signal first introduced in 2007 by Jim Stromberg at The signal derives from the well-known Golden Cross but differs by adding more conditions for the signal to appear. For instance, the moving averages have to be selected based on the time frame. In addition, it has to cross the price line at a given pattern. All that and more convert the very good Golden Cross into a Golden Star.
Strict signal requirements
The strict requirements for the signal to be found result in fewer false signals, making it more reliable than other moving average signals.
Earlier signal triggering
The Golden Star triggers earlier than the standard Golden Cross, providing a higher chance of success with fewer false signals.
Works well in upward trends
The Golden Star works significantly better in upward trends, making it an ideal tool for traders looking to capitalise on bullish trends.
Better response time
It responds faster than singular MA, which are lagging indicators, allowing traders to capture gains before the upturn has already started.
Longer signal length
The Golden Star allows more time for decision-making due to the longer length of the Golden Cross/Death Cross signal, resulting in higher expected signal movement.
Best for liquid stocks
The Golden Star performs significantly better for liquid stocks, making it an ideal tool for traders focusing on such stocks.

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