Bearish Outlook for Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. (NASDAQ: DJT) Amid Technical and Fundamental Challenges, 3 weeks ago Technical Analysis

Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. (NASDAQ: DJT) closed at $27.66 on June 21, 2024, up 3.40% over the previous session. However, recent trading volumes have been notably higher than average, with a volume of 14.64 million shares against an average volume of 7.60 million.

Key indicators suggest bearish sentiments. The Relative Strength Index (RSI14) stands at 13, a strongly oversold level typically under 30. The stock's price remains significantly below both its 50-day ($42.59) and 200-day ($30.73) moving averages, indicating a prolonged downtrend. With the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) at -3.15, the stock is experiencing negative momentum. Additionally, the Average True Range (ATR) of 13.95 points to high short-term volatility.

Support is established around $26.75, while resistance is at $31.31. If the support level fails, the stock may face further downside. Conversely, surpassing the resistance could signal a potential recovery.

Fundamental Analysis

From a fundamental perspective, the outlook for DJT appears concerning. The company recently announced $69.4 million in proceeds from warrant exercises, which introduces potential dilution risks that could depress stock prices in the near term. Market sentiment has already reacted negatively to these announcements, as indicated by the 33% drop following the warrant exercise approval.

The absence of an Earnings Per Share (EPS) and Price-to-Earnings (PE) ratio further complicates the fundamental valuation. Additionally, the discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis yields a negative intrinsic value (-0.25), underscoring potential overvaluation concerns or future cash flow issues.

News reports highlight significant challenges including dilution fears, potential insider sales, and concerns over market manipulation and illegal short selling. These factors, coupled with the legal troubles surrounding President Donald J. Trump, have added to the stock's downward trajectory, translating to a 41.6% monthly decline and a current market cap of $4.89 billion.

Short-term Predictions (Next Trading Day & Week)

Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. Considering the technical and fundamental data, the stock is likely to experience continued volatility in the next trading session (June 24, 2024). There is a high probability of downward pressure aiming towards the support level at $26.75. Over the next week, unless new positive catalysts emerge, the stock may continue to struggle, potentially testing new lows closer to $24.84.

Intrinsic Value and Long-term Investment Potential

The intrinsic value analysis based on DCF highlights substantial risks, suggesting the stock is overvalued relative to its projected cash flows. Long-term viability continues to be a critical concern given the inconsistent financial metrics, high volatility, and uncertain business climate influenced by both market and legal factors.

Overall Evaluation

Given the metrics and analysis:

- Technical Indicators: Negative (Bearish momentum, oversold conditions, high volatility)

- Fundamental Factors: Negative (Dilution fears, absence of profitability metrics, legal and market concerns)

- Short-term Prospects: Bearish (Continued volatility and potential downside)

The stock should be categorized as a 'Sell' candidate based on the heavy headwinds and lack of positive catalysts to support a significant recovery in the near term. The overall risk profile and potential for further depreciation overshadow the current operational highlights.

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