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News Digest / World News / Trump Media & Technology Group Soars on Wall Street Debut, Valued at $8 Billion

Trump Media & Technology Group Soars on Wall Street Debut, Valued at $8 Billion

Lukas Schmidt
04:30am, Wednesday, Mar 27, 2024

Former US President Donald Trump launched Truth Social in 2022 [John Minchillo/AP]

In a striking Wall Street debut, shares of Donald Trump's Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) witnessed a remarkable ascent, climbing as much as 59% on Tuesday. The fervent support from the former U.S. president's base propelled the stock to a session high, momentarily pushing the company's market capitalization over the $10 billion mark. This surge in value is notable, considering TMTG reported an operating loss of $10.6 million for the first nine months of 2023, against a modest revenue of $3.4 million. By the close of trading, TMTG's stock had settled 16% higher at $57.99, situating the company's valuation at nearly $8 billion.

Trump's majority stake in the company, previously valued at approximately $6 billion, stands to significantly benefit from this valuation spike. However, lock-up restrictions in place for six months may limit immediate financial maneuvers, such as selling or leveraging his shares.

TMTG's journey to the stock market was facilitated through a merger with the blank-check company Digital World Acquisition Corp, a deal announced in 2021 but marred by delays and setbacks. Since the announcement, the combined entities have seen their value surge almost 600%, earning TMTG the moniker of a "meme stock"—a term denoting stocks popular among retail traders for their volatility and social media-driven speculation.

The company's stock, now trading under the ticker "DJT", experienced a brief halt in trading due to volatility immediately after the market opened. It quickly became the most trending stock on the retail trader-focused platform StockTwits.

Market analysts, like Thomas Hayes of Great Hill Capital, acknowledge the "rich" valuation relative to TMTG's financial fundamentals. However, Hayes suggests the company's current market performance might reflect broader enthusiasm for Trump rather than the business's actual prospects. This sentiment underscores the unique dynamics at play in TMTG's market debut, where investor support and political allegiance intertwine with traditional financial considerations.

As TMTG navigates its new public status, the company's valuation and stock performance will continue to be a focal point for investors and observers alike. The intriguing mix of politics, media, and finance that characterizes TMTG's Wall Street entrance marks a noteworthy chapter in the evolving landscape of public companies and their relationship with their constituencies.

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