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Stock Market Sectors

A stock market sector is a group of stocks that have a lot in common with each other, mostly because the companies are in similar industries. In the list below you can find the average scores for the companies in each of the sectors. Markets, sectors, industries and stocks may move differently based on seasonality, trends or other fundamental reasons. Understanding and knowing sector performance is a vital part of stock trading. It is easier to pick a winner in an positive sector than in an negative.

# Sector name Average Score
1 Building -4.10
2 Healthcare -2.50
3 Media -2.41
4 Health Technology -2.13
5 N/A -1.86
6 Technology -1.84
7 Consumer Non-Durables -1.59
8 Consumer Cyclical -1.38
9 Communications -1.29
10 Communication Services -1.13
11 Industrials -0.81
12 Basic Materials -0.52
13 Consumer Defensive -0.50
14 Retail Trade -0.46
15 Utilities -0.45