Intel Corporation (INTC) Shows Stability with Bearish Momentum, Analysts Target Upside, 1 month ago

Intel Technical Analysis

Intel Corporation (INTC) closed at $31.74 on May 21, 2024, representing a 1.12% decrease from the previous trading session. The stock experienced a trading range between $31.62 and $32.23. The Relative Strength Index (RSI14) of 64 suggests that the stock is relatively stable but moving towards an overbought condition. With a MACD (3-month) of -2.19, the momentum appears bearish, supporting the recent downside movement.

The stock trades below its 50-day and 200-day moving averages ($36.50 and $39.61 respectively), indicating a prevailing bearish trend. The Average True Range (ATR) of 2.82 points to increased volatility. The support level at $30.51 is close to the stop-loss point of $30.88, and a crucial resistance level is observed at $31.88.

Short-Term Prediction

For the next trading day (May 22, 2024), the stock may hover near its current support levels, with a likely continuation of low to moderate volatility based on the ATR. Given the proximity to resistance and support levels, the price range for the next trading day is estimated between $30.88 and $31.88. Over the upcoming week, a modest recovery may be possible if it breaches $31.88; otherwise, it might consolidate around the current levels due to bearish sentiment.

Fundamental Analysis

Intel's market capitalization stands at $133.31 billion, reflecting its significant market presence. However, the PE ratio of 32.28 and EPS of $0.97 suggest higher valuation relative to its earnings, indicating a potential overvaluation given its current financial performance.

Intel The 52-week high and low are $51.28 and $26.86, respectively, showing the stock's volatility over the year. Recent news highlights ongoing interest in Intel, partly due to its technological advancements and product launches. Significant exposure, such as the TerraMaster NAS powered by Intel’s Celeron N95, underscores Intel's continued innovation and potential for growth in the technology sector.

Intrinsic Value and Long-term Investment Potential

The discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation presents a negative value (-1.61), which could imply an overvaluation or indicate future cash flow uncertainties. Analysts’ target consensus indicates a significant upside with a target median of $40, although target estimates range widely from $17 to $72.

Intel's impending earnings announcement on July 25, 2024, and the next dividend on June 1, 2024, are crucial factors. The dividend yield of 0.38% is relatively low, which may not be attractive for income-focused investors.

Overall Evaluation

Given the technical and fundamental factors, Intel Corporation is best categorized as a 'Hold' at this moment. The present price action and technical indicators suggest consolidation, while the fundamentals highlight both growth potential and inherent risks. Long-term prospects are cautiously optimistic, bolstered by technological advancements but tempered by current financial metrics and market conditions.


Intel Corporation presents a case of cautious optimism. Short-term movements are expected to revolve around existing support and resistance levels, while the long-term potential hinges on upcoming earnings performance and strategic advancements in technology. Despite current bearish trends, the stock's long-term growth prospects keep it in the 'Hold' category for now.

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