Tech companies, which embody the spirit of invention and advancement, often emerge as captivating focal points in the fast-paced world of the stock market. These shares are long-term investments in co
AMD's MI300 chips are witnessing robust demand from major cloud service providers. The company is well positioned to benefit from the PC recovery cycle.
Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD ) stock is right where it was 30 years ago, swimming in the eye of a growth hurricane. Today's hurricane, of course, is Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA ), whose blowout earnin
Tech stocks are surging ahead, leveraging the artificial intelligence revolution to outshine broader markets. With the S&P 500 boasting a 25% gain fueled by AI's promise, it's safe to say that tech st
Supermicro relies heavily on Nvidia's growth in the AI market. That relationship is a double-edged sword, in that it exposes Supermicro to supply chain constraints and soaring chip prices.

2 Stocks to Ride the NVIDIA Hype Train

11:30am, Saturday, 24'th Feb 2024
Now that NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) saved the market again, is it finally time to buy?
Lattice Semiconductor stock has been on an epic run over the last five years, but in the past half year or so, it has fallen on harder times. Despite its recent business downturn, which management bel
The S&P 500 Index reached another record high in the wake of Nvidia's (NVDA) blockbuster earnings, which spread bullishness across the globe. We have highlighted five technology stocks that have gaine
Once people are done fawning over generative AI, investors might think, “what will be the next big thing?” The field of quantum computing may be just that.
AMD is rolling out its data center GPUs to challenge Nvidia. AMD could carve out a niche with its cheaper chips.
Wall Street often groups top-performing stocks together to separate them from the rest of the market. "FAANG" was the dominant group of stocks in 2017, and the "Magnificent Seven" took over in 2023.
Nvidia Corp.'s latest earnings report was one for the history books in many ways, as the company delivered record profits and revenue — and is on track to deliver the biggest one-day haul of market
The semiconductor industry is the bedrock of most ongoing innovation in the technology space. Three powerhouse companies are at the forefront of the edgy tech stocks sector.
Semiconductors are an integral part of the global economy. Chips are the foundation for computers, smartphones, cars, refrigerators, and other essentials.

Top-Rated AMD nears major breakout level

10:30am, Thursday, 22'nd Feb 2024
While shares of Advanced Micro Devices NASDAQ: AMD might not grab the headlines as much as its competitor, Nvidia NASDAQ: NVDA, shareholders of the global semiconductor company are undoubtedly happy c
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