Super investors suddenly buying these stocks

10:04am, Wednesday, 20'th Dec 2023
Every time an investing legend invests, you can count on their expertise, experience, and undeniable track record to assume that there is some gold in the name they selected to allocate some of thei

5 Stocks to Watch on Their Recent Dividend Hike

09:46am, Wednesday, 20'th Dec 2023
Five stocks that have recently raised dividends are: BMY, PWR, CARR, AVGO, OC.
It's always a good time for investors to consider investing in blue-chip dividend stocks. In a sense, this class of equities is amongst the most established and stable investments possible.
Impressive Growth Potential: Broadcom Inc. emerges from the analysis as a company poised for significant growth, marked by robust financial performance and strategic market positioning. Analysts' Esti
Coming into 2023, most economic pundits were calling for a recession. However, a resilient economy proved the doubters wrong, leading to an impressive market performance, with the S&P 500 up over 20%
Growth stocks outperformed in 2023 led by companies associated with artificial intelligence (AI). Heading into 2024, it's highly probably that growth stocks will continue leading the way.
Although stock splits do not change a stock's intrinsic value, they make them accessible to a broader investor base. Broadcom's AI-optimized networking solutions are in high demand from hyperscalers.
Semiconductor stocks, already in rally mode, got a boost after the White House began releasing funding for chipmaking under the  CHIPS and Science Act of 2022.
Semiconductors form the backbone of many devices and appliances. Semiconductor chips power up computers, smartphones, cars, refrigerators and other products that people use every day.

Our Top 10 Dividend Growth Stocks - December 2023

09:30am, Saturday, 16'th Dec 2023
We focus on selecting high-growth dividend stocks that have rapidly grown their dividends in the recent past rather than a high current yield. We use our proprietary models to rate quantitatively and

Why Broadcom Stock Was a Standout on Friday

05:53pm, Friday, 15'th Dec 2023
It was tapped as a top-five pick by a major U.S. bank. Investors are still bullish on the shares despite their steep rise this year.
Nvidia Corp. has catapulted up the list of the most valuable U.S. companies this year, rising eight spots from the end of last year to sit in the fifth position with a market capitalization of $1.2 tr

Why Are Chip Stocks Up Today?

03:34pm, Friday, 15'th Dec 2023
Stock market indices are currently seeing mixed price action today, with a rather bifurcated market starting to materialize. Certain sectors are outperforming others, with semiconductor stocks shining
Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ:AVGO) shares have more than doubled in value so far for 2023 and analysts believe it has further to go as artificial intelligence (AI) plays an increasing role in its sale

Why Broadcom Rallied This Week

07:28am, Friday, 15'th Dec 2023
Broadcom continued to rally after last week's earnings report. The company received two positive analyst notes to start the week.
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