Netflix loses to Broadcom in video patent case

11:11am, Monday, 25'th Sep 2023
A German court has ruled that Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) has infringed a patent held by Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ:AVGO), related to high-quality video streaming. Netflix was told by the German court
AI stocks are controversial for multiple reasons. One of the most obvious factors is that AI poses a threat in many ways.
A court in Germany has ruled that Netflix Inc. has been infringing on a Broadcom Inc. patent related to video coding, Broadcom Inc. said on Monday.
The world is experiencing a multi-trillion-dollar shift in the semiconductor industry. The semiconductor revolution (which I have discussed for years) has enabled much of the technological progress we
Wall Street doubts Google will pull its business, but the stock's big run has made the chip maker more sensitive to market fears.
TipRanks' analyst ranking service pinpoints Wall Street's best-performing stocks, including Chevron and Broadcom.

Why Broadcom Stock Was on the Rebound Today

04:47pm, Friday, 22'nd Sep 2023
Several sources tamped down concerns that Broadcom could lose Google as an AI chip customer. Yesterday, The Information had reported that Alphabet was considering other alternatives.
AVGO management has done well to replace its $32B bridge debt with a three-part Term Loan, with the variable interest rate largely tied to the SOFR rate. We believe AVGO's approach is prudent indeed,
Despite the meteoric rise of AI-related stocks, including Broadcom, and especially Nvidia, growth stocks like these typically plow earnings back into projects with high revenue potential, such as AI c
Google has reportedly shot down rumors that it is looking to end its relationship with chipmaker Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ:AVGO), according to Reuters. Shares of Broadcom tumbled on Thursday mornin
According to a report by Reuters, Google (GOOG, GOOGL) may drop Broadcom (AVGO) as their supplier of AI chips by 2027. The report details that Google could design the chips — called tensor processin
Shares of Broadcom Inc. (AVGO) slid nearly 4% in early trading Thursday after an unconfirmed report said Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) subsidiary Google may drop the chipmaker in favor of producing tensor pro
When a company's executives and board members voraciously buy their own stock suddenly, it's worthy of attention. Share purchases by insiders are often viewed as a vote of confidence in a company's st

Why Broadcom Stock Was Down Today

12:14pm, Thursday, 21'st Sep 2023
Google is considering dumping Broadcom in favor of a competitor's AI chips, according to reports. Broadcom had predicted that AI chips would generate a quarter of its revenue, up from 15% in June.
Broadcom (NASDAQ: AVGO ) stock is sliding lower on Thursday as investors discuss the potential of Alphabet's (NASDAQ: GOOG ,NASDAQ: GOOGL ) Google dropping the chip company. According to recent report
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