Without a doubt, large-cap stocks have been performing much better than small-cap stocks since the beginning of this year. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is made up of all large-cap stocks, h
When Intel (NASDAQ: INTC ) reported earnings two weeks ago, it sent semiconductor shares reeling. A weak outlook due to stronger-than-usual seasonal headwinds and inventory issues sent shivers through
Broadcom Inc. (AVGO) has been one of the stocks most watched by Zacks.com users lately. So, it is worth exploring what lies ahead for the stock.
The strong economy is spurring more excitement, and you should snap up stocks that could be the next trillion-dollar companies. The positive future of the U.S. government is highlighted by robust econ
A new Bank of America report found that data center capital spending by four tech titans, Microsoft Corp. NASDAQ: MSFT, Alphabet Inc. NASDAQ: GOOGL, Amazon Inc. NASDAQ: AMZN, and Meta Platforms Inc. N

Is Broadcom Stock a Buy?

05:12am, Wednesday, 07'th Feb 2024
Broadcom has steadily expanded its business beyond semiconductors. Acquisitions are a double-edged sword, but Broadcom has handled them well.

Buy Broadcom Stock, J.P. Morgan Says.

12:40pm, Tuesday, 06'th Feb 2024
The chip maker is the leading player in the high-end AI ASIC—application specific integrated circuits—market.
The 4-factor dividend growth portfolio is a strategy that leverages the stock selection process of Schwab U.S. Dividend Equity ETF, with a few minor twists. The portfolio returned -2.01% in January, u
In the most recent trading session, Broadcom Inc. (AVGO) closed at $1,243.10, indicating a +1.53% shift from the previous trading day.
CNBC's Deirdre Bosa reports on what to expect from semiconductor earnings.
Wall Street regularly groups high-performing stocks together to separate them from the rest of the market. "FAANG" was coined in 2017, and the "Magnificent Seven" label followed in 2023.
Many sailed higher thanks to the results of two giant peers. Meta Platforms and Amazon both delivered excellent quarterly results the previous day.
If you're looking for trillion-dollar companies to invest in, look no further. In the technology sector, three market giants are poised for unprecedented trillion-dollar valuations.
The Magnificent 7 Stocks have led the market higher for several years. The stocks within this cohort have delivered reliable returns over the long run.
“A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money.” While a trillion-dollar price tag is likely more common in today's inflationary times, only a handful of companies hav
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