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After trading down to 78% of its 52-week high, a price not seen since 2022, Wendy's Co. NASDAQ: WEN has become one of the best passive income strategies for retail investors today.
The practice of “surge” or “dynamic” pricing is common in markets ranging from airlines to supermarkets — and U.S. regulators are concerned that the growing role of tech giants will further
In an era where customer loyalty is as fleeting as the latest trend, artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as a potential game-changer, empowering businesses to redefine engagement strategies and f
DoorDash (DASH) drones are set to start delivering food from Wendy's in Christiansburg, VA. The plan is to explore expanding to other U.S. cities later this year.

3 Stocks at Risk of a Dividend Cut: March 2024

01:50pm, Friday, 22'nd Mar 2024
Dividend investors seek stocks with the highest yields, solid earnings and cash flow to support them. However, not all stocks that offer high dividends have the financial performance to sustain them,
A pilot program rolled out Thursday in Christiansburg, Va., has drones dropping off burgers, fries and a Frosty in “30 minutes or less,” DoorDash said in a press release.
DoorDash and Alphabet-owned Wing have brought their drone delivery pilot program to the United States.
Wendy's (WEN) focus on strategic pricing actions and product innovations bodes well. However, high labor costs are a concern.
With Nasdaq stocks to sell, speculative stocks in fast-growing industries like artificial intelligence, crypto mining, and electric vehicles may be what first comes to mind. However, while there are s
In late February, Wendy's management team surprised both customers and investors with a clarification. The fast-food chain announced wrote to CNN that “Wendy's will not implement surge pricing, whic
While Wendy's (WEN) is planning to begin new dynamic menu pricing in 2025, the company is pushing back against claims that the change constitutes surge pricing. In a recent earnings call, the new CEO
From time to time, the stock market allows investors to grab stocks at a discount. While it is not a situation investors like to see themselves in, it is a chance to load up on growth stocks that look
Wendy's new president and CEO, Kirk Tanner, started his first month by firing up the public during the quarterly earnings call about a plan to use dynamic pricing to help increase the company's margin
Wendy's Company NASDAQ: WEN stock traded nearly 2% higher on February 28 as the fast-food mid-cap said it would not raise prices at times of high demand.
CNBC's Joe Kernen reports on the latest news from Wendy's.
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