TQQQ Technical Analysis: Bullish Momentum, Potential Resistance Ahead

StockInvest.us, 2 weeks ago

StockInvest.us Technical Analysis

ProShares UltraPro QQQ (TQQQ) closed at $73.82 on June 28, 2024, reflecting a 1.57% decrease from the previous trading day. The price touched a low of $73.45 and a high of $77.53, nearing its 52-week high of $77.72, indicating a recent upward momentum. The current RSI14 stands at 68, suggesting that the stock is approaching overbought conditions. The MACD for the past three months is positive at 4.18, reinforcing the bullish sentiment.

Key technical levels indicate that the stock has notable support at $58.93 and resistance at $74.28. With an ATR of 3.26, volatility is relatively high, hinting at potential large price swings.

The 50-day moving average is $63.15 and the 200-day moving average is $52.39, both significantly lower than the last close price, confirming a strong upward trend over the medium and long term.

Fundamental Analysis

TQQQ, with a market cap of $21.05 billion, provides a leveraged exposure to the NASDAQ-100 Index, thus inherently concentrating on tech-heavy growth stocks. Given that it is an ETF, traditional metrics such as EPS and PE ratio are not applicable. However, leveraging bolsters both potential gains and risks, making it a vehicle for investors with a high-risk tolerance.

Recent news highlights TQQQ among the best-performing leveraged ETFs for the first half of 2024, a testament to its robust performance. The volume on June 28, 2024, was 53.31 million, slightly below the average volume of 56.94 million but still indicative of significant trading activity.

Performance Predictions

TQQQ Next Trading Day (July 01, 2024):

Considering the RSI nearing overbought territory, coupled with the price approaching the resistance level of $74.28, a slight pullback or consolidation around current levels can be anticipated. Should the price break the resistance, a short-term rally might ensue.

Upcoming Week:

In the upcoming week, TQQQ might continue to test higher resistance levels, especially if tech stocks maintain their bullish momentum. However, given the high ATR, traders should anticipate significant volatility.

Intrinsic Value and Long-term Potential

TQQQ's intrinsic value is closely tied to the performance of the NASDAQ-100 and broader tech sector trends. Given its leveraged nature, it is not suited for long-term holding due to compounding effects that can erode gains in sideways markets. Long-term potential remains highly contingent on sustained growth in the tech sector, which has demonstrated resilience and innovation.

Overall Evaluation

TQQQ is considered a 'Hold' candidate.

This categorization stems from the strong bullish trend over medium and long-term charts, substantial recent performance, and high short-term volatility. Investors might benefit from monitoring technical indicators closely for entries and exits rather than a long-term hold strategy. The impending potential for price consolidation at resistance indicates prudence in maintaining a hold position until clearer signals for breakout or reversal are observed.

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