Ticker Company name Price Score
AUMN Golden Minerals Company $0.33
Sector: Basic Materials Industry: Industrial Metals & Minerals
NVIV InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp. $3.37
Sector: Healthcare Industry: Biotechnology
RBS.L The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc £6.91
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
VRML Vermillion $0.90
Sector: Healthcare Industry: Diagnostic Substances
CATB Catabasis Pharmaceuticals $0.87
Sector: Healthcare Industry: Biotechnology
GROW U.S. Global Investors $1.67
Sector: Financial Industry: Asset Management
CNA CNA Financial Corporation $46.29
Sector: Financial Industry: Property & Casualty Insurance
NYMX Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation $3.12
Sector: Healthcare Industry: Diagnostic Substances
IHD Voya Emerging Markets High Income Dividend Equity Fund $8.10
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
JRO Nuveen Floating Rate Income Opportuntiy Fund $10.40
Sector: Financial Industry: Closed-End Fund - Debt
JPC Nuveen Preferred Income Opportunites Fund $9.57
Sector: Financial Industry: Closed-End Fund - Debt
KOOL Cesca Therapeutics Inc. $0.50
Sector: Healthcare Industry: Medical Appliances & Equipment
WLH Lyon William Homes $23.26
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
VIDI Vident International Equity Fund $26.22
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
IAE Voya Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Income Fund $9.98
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
VVR Invesco Senior Income Trust $4.32
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
CFBI Community First Bancshares Inc $11.11
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
AXU Alexco Resource Corp $1.26
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
YDIV First Trust International Multi-Asset Diversified Income Index $17.34
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
SJT San Juan Basin Royalty Trust $6.26
Sector: Basic Materials Industry: Independent Oil & Gas
NETS Netshoes (Cayman) Ltd $2.71
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
AVH Avianca Holdings SA $7.04
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
BXBLY Brambles Ltd Adr $13.37
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
BIS ProShares UltraShort Nasdaq Biotechnology $18.22
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A

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The more professional you become, the more signals you will add into your calculations to decide your final choice.

One special tip is to keep an eye on the volume (follow the momentum). A buy signal followed by an increase in volume is usually a good trade.

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