Ticker Company name Price Score
RESN Resonant Inc. $4.76
Sector: Technology Industry: Semiconductor - Integrated Circuits
TLP Transmontaigne Partners LP $44.50
Sector: Basic Materials Industry: Oil & Gas Pipelines
JRJC China Finance Online Co. Limited $2.60
Sector: Technology Industry: Internet Information Providers
ABAC Aoxin Tianli Group $1.69
Sector: Consumer Goods Industry: Farm Products
R Ryder System Inc $68.09
Sector: Services Industry: Rental & Leasing Services
EQGP EQT GP Holdings LP $26.75
Sector: Basic Materials Industry: Major Integrated Oil & Gas
CUR Neuralstem $4.91
Sector: Healthcare Industry: Biotechnology
NPV Nuveen Virginia Premium Income Municipal Fund $13.03
Sector: Financial Industry: Diversified Investments
CHMG Chemung Financial Corp $37.05
Sector: Financial Industry: Regional - Pacific Banks
VCEL Vericel Corporation $2.60
Sector: Healthcare Industry: Biotechnology
PFK Prudential Financial Inc $25.80
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
MRVL Marvell Technology Group Ltd. $14.72
Sector: Technology Industry: Semiconductor - Integrated Circuits
NMS Nuveen Minnesota Municipal Income Fund $16.54
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
CYRX CryoPort $2.36
Sector: Consumer Goods Industry: Packaging & Containers
APTO Aptose Biosciences $0.80
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
PZRX PhaseRx Inc $1.31
Sector: Healthcare Industry: Biotechnology
CLIR ClearSign Combustion Corporation $3.50
Sector: Industrial Goods Industry: Pollution & Treatment Controls
MHNC Maiden Holdings Ltd $26.20
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
SSKN Strata Skin Sciences Inc $3.40
Sector: Healthcare Industry: Medical Instruments & Supplies
ESEA Euroseas Ltd. $1.36
Sector: Services Industry: Shipping
HNRG Hallador Energy Company $7.16
Sector: Basic Materials Industry: Nonmetallic Mineral Mining
GE General Electric Company $29.26
Sector: Industrial Goods Industry: Diversified Machinery
EQCO Equity Commonwealth $24.91
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
VDTH Videocon d2h Limited $10.77
Sector: Services Industry: CATV Systems
WPT World Point Terminals LP $16.75
Sector: Basic Materials Industry: Oil & Gas Pipelines

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These lists shows you the latest signals from our system. You are now able to easily scan these Buy or Sell signals from moving averages and other indicators that we present. For a fact, many traders are trading on technical signals. This type of trading, where you are looking for a short term profit, is often referred as 'swing trading'.

The more professional you become, the more signals you will add into your calculations to decide your final choice.

One special tip is to keep an eye on the volume (follow the momentum). A buy signal followed by an increase in volume is usually a good trade.

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