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Double Tops - 3 Months

Double tops are well known chart patterns. There is a slight disagreement about how and where it should be drawn. The length of the red arrow represents the potential fall from the issue date, but it may perform better or may not perform at all. As like in all signals - caution is crucial.

References to any specific securities and "candidate" states do not constitute an offer to buy or sell securities.

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About Lists

These lists shows you the latest scores from our system. You are now able to easily scan these Buy or Sell Candidates from moving averages and other indicators that we present. For a fact, many traders are trading on technical signals. This type of trading, where you are looking for a short term profit, is often referred as 'swing trading'.

One special tip is to keep an eye on the volume (follow the momentum). A high score followed by an increase in volume is usually a good trade.

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