Double Tops - 3 Months

Double tops are well known chart patterns. There is a slight disagreement about how and where it should be drawn. The length of the red arrow represents the potential falling from the signal, but it may perform better or may not perform at all. As like in all signals - caution is crucial.

Signal date Ticker Company name Price Score
2017-07-25 QSR Restaurant Brands International Inc $61.49
Sector: Services Industry: Restaurants
2017-07-25 DHI DR Horton Inc $36.29
Sector: Industrial Goods Industry: Residential Construction
2017-07-25 ARRS ARRIS Group $28.09
Sector: Technology Industry: Communication Equipment
2017-07-25 GEF Greif Bros Corporation $56.09
Sector: Consumer Goods Industry: Packaging & Containers
2017-07-25 ACCO Acco Brands Corporation $12.00
Sector: Consumer Goods Industry: Office Supplies
2017-07-25 ACET Aceto Corporation $15.50
Sector: Basic Materials Industry: Chemicals - Major Diversified
2017-07-25 QVCA Liberty Interactive Corporation $24.20
Sector: Services Industry: Catalog & Mail Order Houses
2017-07-25 BPOP Popular $41.84
Sector: Financial Industry: Foreign Regional Banks
2017-07-25 BOJA Bojangles $15.90
Sector: Services Industry: Restaurants
2017-07-25 EVER EverBank Financial Corp $19.49
Sector: Financial Industry: Regional - Southeast Banks
2017-07-25 BRKL Brookline Bancorp $14.75
Sector: Financial Industry: Savings & Loans
2017-07-25 TEL TE Connectivity Ltd $80.65
Sector: Technology Industry: Diversified Electronics
2017-07-25 AGX Argan Inc $64.25
Sector: Industrial Goods Industry: Heavy Construction
2017-07-25 ARII American Railcar Industries $37.22
Sector: Services Industry: Railroads
2017-07-25 BR Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc $76.08
Sector: Technology Industry: Information & Delivery Services
2017-07-25 AEG Aegon NV $5.51
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A
2017-07-25 SIVB SVB Financial Group $178.65
Sector: Financial Industry: Regional - Pacific Banks
2017-07-25 KEX Kirby Corporation $65.20
Sector: Services Industry: Shipping
2017-07-25 BOH Bank of Hawaii Corporation $83.33
Sector: Financial Industry: Regional - Pacific Banks
2017-07-25 AAWW Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings $58.45
Sector: Services Industry: Air Services, Other
2017-07-25 ABAX ABAXIS $51.26
Sector: Healthcare Industry: Medical Laboratories & Research
2017-07-25 TECH Bio-Techne Corp $117.23
Sector: Healthcare Industry: Biotechnology
2017-07-25 TGT Target Corporation $54.96
Sector: Services Industry: Discount, Variety Stores
2017-07-25 SIGI Selective Insurance Group $50.60
Sector: Financial Industry: Property & Casualty Insurance
2017-07-25 GATX GATX Corporation $61.16
Sector: N/A Industry: N/A

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