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FDT - First Trust Developed Markets Ex-US AlphaDEX Fund Fri 20'th Jan 2017

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Stock analysis for Fri 20'th Jan 2017 (Updated daily)

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First Trust Developed Markets Ex-US AlphaDEX Fund Stock Analysis

First Trust Developed Markets Ex-US AlphaDEX Fund gained 0.43% in the last trading day, rising from USD 48.94 to USD 49.15. The price has been going up and down for this period, and there has been a 1.03% gain for the last 2 weeks. Volume also increased in the last day along with the price, which is a positive technical sign, and, in total, 10 422 more shares were traded than the day before. In total, 36 391 shares bought and sold for approximately USD 1.79 million.


First Trust Developed Markets Ex-US AlphaDEX Fund has broken the narrow and weak rising the short-term trend up and an even stronger rising rate is indicated. For any reaction back there will now be support on the roof on the current trend broken at USD 49.00, a level that may pose a second chance to hit a runner. According to fan-theory USD 50.87 will be the next possible trend-top level and thereby pose a resistance level which may not be broken at the first attempt.


Only positive signals in the chart today. First Trust Developed Markets Ex-US AlphaDEX Fund holds a sales signal from the short-term moving average; at the same time, however, there is a buy signal from the long-term average. Since the short-term average is above the long-term average there is a general buy signal in the stock. On further gains, the stock will meet resistance from the short-term moving average at approximately USD 49.17. On a fall, the stock will find some support from the long-term average at approximately USD 47.93. A break-up through the short-term average will send a buy signal, whereas a breakdown through the long-term average will send a sales signal. A buy signal was issued from a pivot bottom point on Wednesday December 28, 2016, which indicates further gains until a new top pivot has been found. Volume is rising along with the price. This is considered to be a good technical signal.

The stock had a Golden Star Signal* on Friday December 30, 2016 in the short-term chart.

* Golden Star Signal* is when the short-term moving average, the long-term moving average, and priceline meet in a special combination. This combination is very rare and often followed by long and strong gains for the stock in question.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

The stock holds a RSI14 at 74 and is currently being overbought on RSI. This does not have to be a sales signal as many stocks may go both long and hard while being overbought on the RSI. It is therefore important to evaluate the history of the share as it may tell you something about the RSI-sensitiveness.

Support & Resistance

First Trust Developed Markets Ex-US AlphaDEX Fund finds support from accumulated volume at USD 48.20, USD 47.75, and USD 47.68. On the upside the stock meets some resistance just above today's level from accumulated volume at USD 49.29 and USD 49.50.

The stock is about to test the resistance from accumulated volume at USD 49.29 and this may cause the stock to take a minor break or get into a more sideways move for a few days.


This stock is usually traded at good volume, and with minor daily changes the risk is considered to be low. During the last day, the stock moved USD 0.34 (0.69%) between high and low. For the last week, the stock has had a daily average volatility of 0.73%.

The stock is extremely overbought on RSI14 (74). Normally this will pose a good selling opportunity, but since the stock has broken the trend up the chance for a major correction due to high RSI is very small as the stock will find support at the trend broken.

Our recommended stoploss: USD 46.75 (-4.88%) ( Criterias: risk and break of trend)


Several short-term signals, along with a general good trend, are positive and the stock has broken the rising trend up which indicates an even stronger rising rate. We conclude that the current level may hold a buying opportunity as there is a fair chance for this stock to perform well in the short-term. Due to a possible false trendbreak a pure Buy Recommendation is held back. We have upgraded our recommendation for this stock since last evaluation from a Hold/Accumulate to a Buy Candidate.

Buy Candidate

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