Advanced Energy Industries Stock Dividends Overview

AEIS pays dividends quarterly. Last paid amount was $0.100 at Jun 07, 2024. As of today, dividend yield (TTM) is 0.380%.

Dividend Yield Range

The Dividend Yield Range is the range of values in which a stock’s dividend yield has fluctuated within a specified period, often a year. It represents the variation between the highest and lowest dividend yields observed during that time frame.
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Dividend Analysis

Key Stats

Dividend Yield (TTM) 0.380%
Frequency Quarterly
1Y Growth 0%
Payout Ratio 0
Amount Per Share $0.100
Advanced Energy Industries has not yet announced its next dividend date. Last payment date was: Jun 07, 2024.

AEIS Dividend Payout History

To ensure a understanding of AEIS's dividend performance, consider examining the historical payout ratios and how they align with the company's earnings. Fluctuations in payout amounts may reflect changes in the company's dividend policy or earnings stability.

# Declaration Date Ex-Date Pay Date Amount Yield
1 Apr 26, 2024 May 23, 2024 Jun 07, 2024 $0.100 0.0949%
2 Feb 09, 2024 Feb 15, 2024 Mar 01, 2024 $0.100 0.0966%
3 Nov 02, 2023 Nov 17, 2023 Dec 01, 2023 $0.100 0.104%
4 Jul 27, 2023 Aug 18, 2023 Sep 01, 2023 $0.100 0.0846%
5 Apr 27, 2023 May 19, 2023 Jun 02, 2023 $0.100 0.101%
6 Feb 03, 2023 Feb 16, 2023 Mar 03, 2023 $0.100 0.106%
7 May 10, 2023 Nov 18, 2022 Dec 02, 2022 $0.100 0.108%
8 Aug 01, 2022 Aug 19, 2022 Sep 02, 2022 $0.100 0.115%
9 May 03, 2022 May 20, 2022 Jun 03, 2022 $0.100 0.124%
10 Feb 03, 2022 Feb 17, 2022 Mar 04, 2022 $0.100 0.121%

Dividend Sustainability

With a moderate Dividend Sustainability Score (DSS), the company may sustain its dividends, but continuous monitoring is advised for any financial shifts. However, its Dividend Growth Potential Score (DGPS) is only moderate, indicating limited growth potential. On the whole, the dividend outlook remains neutral, meriting close observation of both the company's financial health and growth prospects.

Sustainability score

average (84.59%)

Growth potential

Decrease likely (24.15%)

AEIS Dividend Calculator

Dividend Calculator is designed to forecast the potential returns from AEIS dividends based on your individual investment size or the number of shares you own. Simply enter your total investment amount to see the cumulative dividend payment you could receive over a specified period.
Read how to invest in AEIS stock here.

Comparing AEIS to Sector and Country

AEIS pays a solid dividend yield of 0.380%, which is lower than the average of the bottom 25% of dividend payers in the US market (0.612%). AEIS’s dividend yield is lower than the average of the top 25% of dividend payers in the Industrials sector in the US market (6.89%), which means that there are more attractive dividend stocks to consider.

AEIS Stock Competitors

Symbol Company Name Market Cap Amount Per Share Dividend Yield (TTM) Payout Ratio (TTM)
Allegiant Travel Company 963.577M $0.600 3.48% 36.79%
Werner Enterprises 2.286B $0.140 1.44% 41.78%
Franklin Electric Co. 4.457B $0.250 0.99% 23.12%
Forward Air Corporation 568.426M $0.240 0.719% -21.58%
AAON 6.528B $0.0800 0.444% 14.76%
Advanced Energy Industries 4.078B $0.100 0.380% 14.84%
Mercury Systems Inc 1.65B $0.618 0% -


What factors can affect the amount of AEIS's dividend payments?
The amount of AEIS's dividends can fluctuate based on several factors, including the company's financial performance, earnings, cash flow, capital requirements, and overall market conditions. Changes in AEIS sector's trends, interest rate shifts, and the company's operational adjustments can also influence dividend decisions.

Can dividends from AEIS stock be automatically reinvested?
If AEIS offers a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP), shareholders may have the option to automatically reinvest dividends to purchase additional shares. Please check with your brokerage for the availability and details of such a plan. Here's an easy guide on how to buy AEIS stock.

How often does AEIS pay dividend?
Advanced Energy Industries (AEIS) pays dividends quarterly. The most recent payout was on Jun 07, 2024.

How much does AEIS pays per share?
The last recorder (May 23, 2024) dividend per share was $0.100.

What is AEIS dividend growth rate?
Over the last year, Advanced Energy Industries has witnessed growth rate of 0% . Looking back over the past 3 years, this growth rate has been 0%. Furthermore, examining the past 5 years, Advanced Energy Industries has maintained an average Dividends Per Share Growth Rate of 0%.
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About Advanced Energy Industries

Advanced Energy Industries Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. designs, manufactures, sells, and supports precision power conversion, measurement, and control solutions worldwide. It offers plasma power solutions, including direct current (DC), pulsed DC, low frequency alternating current, high voltage, and radio frequency (RF) power supplies, as well as RF power supplies, RF matching networks, and RF instrumentation products; and remote plasma sources for reactive gas applic... AEIS Profile

Top Fintech Company featured in The Global Fintech Index 2020 as the top Fintech company of the country.

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