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Amazon’s Fundamental Strengths and Technical Indicators Point Towards a Potential Reversal

StockInvest.us, 2 months ago

Amazon Fundamental Analysis

Amazon.com, Inc. (ticker: AMZN) has a market cap of $1.30 trillion, making it one of the largest companies globally. With a volume of around 53.34 million and average volume of approximately 53.45 million, it captures considerable attention among traders and investors. The company reported an EPS of 1.21, resulting in a PE ratio of 104.12, above the industry average, indicating that the investors are willing to pay a premium due to the apparent future growth prospects.

At the close of the trading day on September 28, 2023, AMZN stock was priced at $125.98, with a year's range spanning between a high $145.86 and a low of $81.43. The company's DCF is $131.27, suggesting the stock could be undervalued relative to the company's projected cash flows. The consensus target price is $166.1, implying potential growth. The community sentiment, with 37 analysts recommending a 'Buy' and only 3 suggesting 'Hold', further strengthens this indication.

The EPS and analyst ratings reflect the company's sound performance and future prospects. Recent news articles also suggest that the company is actively exploring diverse income avenues, such as renewable energy projects, and appears resilient even in the face of stringent regulations, as evidenced in the recent case with the EU General Court.

Technical Analysis

Amazon From a technical standpoint, AMZN's last closing price was below both its 50-day moving average ($134.96) and its 200-day moving average ($112.79), which could be a sign of a short-term downward trend but a long-term bullish outlook. The stock's 14-day Relative Strength Index (RSI) stands at 32, indicating it is nearing the 'oversold' range. This suggests a potential price reversal in the near term.

The stock's average true range (ATR) is 2.93, suggesting considerable intraday volatility. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) of 1.38 indicates a potential shift in momentum to positive territory. However, there are no significant support levels, and $130 serves as an immediate resistance level.

Stock Forecast

Given these factors, a price increase on the next trading day, September 29, 2023, is expected. Despite the current trend, the shear macro-level significance of Amazon, along with an RSI nearing oversold levels, suggest a potential reversal. Over the ensuing week, considering the positive market sentiment and a DCF indicating potential undervaluation, an uptick in prices is likely contingent upon market conditions.


Given the interplay between technical indicators and the fundamental strengths of Amazon, the forecast for AMZN leans towards a 'Buy' status at present. This recommendation is contingent on the potential short-term price reversal due to oversold RSI, projected growth from DCF analysis, and a strong fundamental backdrop. However, investors should still consider market volatility in the short term, given the current stock price below important moving averages and absence of immediate support levels.

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