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Palantir Technologies (PLTR) Sees Potential for Growth Despite Negative Earnings and High Volatility

StockInvest.us, 1 month ago

Palantir Fundamental Analysis

Palantir Technologies Inc. (PLTR) is a software company specializing in data analytics that counts the NYSE as its exchange. As of the close of October 09, 2023, the company's market cap stands at $38.97 billion, and it has 2.15 billion Shares Outstanding.

On the earnings side, the company has posted negative earnings per share (EPS) of -0.02 with a rather pessimistic Price to Earnings ratio (PE) of -905.5. This could be a point of concern for potential investors, as the lack of profits suggests that the company is investing heavily in its growth or struggling to control costs.

However, recent news is likely to have a positive impact on future earnings. Palantir won a $250 million, three-year contract covering artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for the U.S. Army and its special forces. Not only does this contract improve the company's revenue outlook, but it also serves as a confidence booster in its AI and ML capabilities.

Technical Analysis

On October 09, 2023, PLTR was trading at $17.61, up 6.02% from the previous day. This performance contrasts significantly with the company's 50-day and 200-day moving averages which are at $15.71 and $11.67 respectively. These latest movements signal that the stock is in a potential uptrend.

Palantir The three-month MACD is at -0.15 which indicates a somewhat weak bearish trend. However, with a rise in the recent stock price, a bullish signal may soon follow. Meanwhile, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) stands at 66, meaning that the stock is nearing an "overbought" condition, possibly indicating a short-term price correction might be on the horizon.

The stock's momentum is also demonstrated by its Average True Range (ATR) which at 4.97, shows high volatility. Additionally, the recent news of the Army contract might add up to this volatility.

As for the stock's support and resistance levels, the first support is at $17.04, slightly below its last closed price. The first resistance level is at $17.81, slightly above the last closed price. If the stock breaks through these levels in the upcoming sessions, it can signal a further upward or downward price movement.

Price Targets

According to the available market data, the highest and the lowest price target for PLTR shares are $25 and $4.5 respectively. Meanwhile, the median price target is placed at $9.5 which suggests a downsize from the recent price, and the consensus price target is at $11, which also suggests a backward movement. However, these targets may be influenced by Palantir's technological capability and military contracts which have recently boosted the share price momentum.

Stock Recommendation

Given the recent upward price movement and the positive effect of the Army contract news on the company's prospects, PLTR can be considered a 'Hold' in the short term due to potential overbuying. However, if the company can turn its army contract into a profit and bring EPS to the positive territory, it may open up the possibility of a 'Buy' in the long term. As always, individual investors are advised to consider their investment goals, risk tolerance and time horizon before making an investment decision.

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