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SoFi stock shows volatility and potential opportunities amidst mixed sentiment

StockInvest.us, 3 weeks ago

SoFi Fundamental Analysis

SoFi Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFI) recorded a last closing price of $7.31 on November 08, 2023, showing a decrease of $0.11 (-1.48%). The stock has been floating within a day range of $7.12 to $7.395, while its 52-week range stands between $4.24 and $11.7. The large difference between the high and low price for the year indicates a level of volatility.

The company has a sizeable market capitalization of $7 billion, supported by nearly 958 million outstanding shares. The trading volume recorded was around 27.21 million shares, somewhat lower than the average volume of 28.68 million shares. The liquidity is favorable, suggesting a healthy interest in the stock among investors.

However, SoFi carries a negative EPS of -$0.45, and its PE ratio stands at -16.24, reflecting the firm is not currently profitable. This scenario might raise concerns for investors aiming for immediate, earnings-driven growth.

Interestingly, the company's DCF stands at $8.89, higher than the current price, indicating that intrinsic value may be undervalued, presenting a possible growth opportunity. The consensus rating among analysts leans towards 'Buy,' although there is a divergence of opinion between those advocating for 'Buy' (6) and those recommending 'Hold' or 'Sell' (6 combined).

Relevant News and Impact

Recent news indicates mixed sentiments around SoFi. The sale of significant SOFI shares by the Chief Risk Officer, Aaron Webster, might hint at internal concerns about the company's outlook. On the flip side, a mega-bank analyst group recently voiced positive views about SoFi, complying with its transition into a substantial competitor in the traditional banking scenario.

SoFi Technical Analysis

Technical indicators present a vague picture of SoFi. A 45 RSI proposes neutrality, while the stock's MACD over the past three months stands negative, hinting towards bearish momentum.

The 50 Day Moving Average of $8.02 surpasses the stock's current price suggesting a potential downtrend. Concordantly, the stock trades under its resistance level of $7.55, highlighting a bearish trend.


Taking into account the above points and looking at the consensus target price of $9.8, there might be a potential for price increase if the stock can surpass its current resistance level.

For the next trading day on November 09, 2023, investors will be watching for any movements towards the resistance level. As for the upcoming week, the stock needs to stay above the support level of $6.94 to avoid further losses.


Combining fundamental and technical analysis, the evaluation for SoFi stock leans towards 'Hold.' The stock shows volatility and has yet to demonstrate earnings-based profitability, indicating potential risk. Nevertheless, its sizeable market cap, decent liquidity, and analyst recommendations also point to potential opportunities that may support long-term growth. Investors should closely monitor the stock's performance and upcoming earnings announcement on 01/29/2024 before making a robust investment decision.

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