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Disney's Technical Analysis: Potential Bearish Signals, Fundamental Analysis Suggests Long-Term Growth

StockInvest.us, 3 weeks ago

Disney Technical Analysis

On technical terms, The Walt Disney Company (DIS) saw a slight change of 0.57 (0.68%) with a last close of $84.59 on November 07, 2023. The session traded within a thin range between a price low of $83.95 and a high of $84.68. Meanwhile, the stock is currently trading below its factual year high of $118.18 and above the year low of $78.73. The market cap stands at $154.99 billion supported by a volume of 15.91 million, higher than its average volume of 14.32 million.

Looking into the moving averages, DIS is positioned below the 200-day Moving Average of $91.90 which might act as a resistance line, while trading above the 50-day Moving Average of $82.59 indicating a possible upward momentum in the near term.

In relation to relative strength, the RSI14 index is 50 which is neutral, pointing out neither oversold nor overbought conditions. Further, the 3-month MACD stands at -0.0271, signaling a potentially bearish pattern amidst the Average True Range (ATR) of 2.05.

Fundamental Analysis

From the perspective of fundamental analysis, The Walt Disney Company exhibits an Earnings Per Share (EPS) value of $1.23 and a Price to Earnings (PE) ratio of 68.87. With 1.83 billion outstanding shares, these numbers suggest a sturdy base for performance.

The discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis suggests an intrinsic value of $91.06 for DIS, which is above the current market price indicating a potential for growth. Additionally, the consensus estimate for DIS is a 'Buy' with 19 out of 23 analysts leaning towards a buy stance while the target price consensus stands at $154.61.

Disney Earnings Report & News Impact

Investors eagerly anticipate the Q4 earnings report for DIS. Observations from various analysts highlight how Disney+ and Hulu could impact the firm's revenue streams and exploit its existing library. The news preceding this report have affected the stock with noticeable trading volumes. Notably, the mere expectation of the earnings report has caused the stock to undergo a minor dip, with investors on edge.

Stock Outlook

For the upcoming trading day (November 08, 2023) and the week ahead, investors' focus is expected to be on the earnings report which could be a vital determiner of the stock's performance. Technical indicators suggest potential bearish signals, though the stock shows significant support at $83.68 and resistance at $85.58.


Considering the above analysis, the long term prospects for DIS appear positive with a DCF value higher than the current market price and a dominant 'Buy' consensus among analysts. However, the short-term technical analysis indicates bearish signals.

In conclusion, DIS is evaluated as a 'Hold' in the short-term due to the upcoming earnings results and possible bearish turnovers, but a 'Buy' in the long-term based on its fundamental analysis and potential upside. This combination of factors offers profitable entry points for long term investors while short term traders can wait for more clarity post earnings report.

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