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Microsoft Corporation's Stock Analysis: Technical and Fundamental Factors Point to Possible Pullback and Bullish Momentum

StockInvest.us, 1 month ago

Microsoft Technical Analysis

Microsoft Corporation's (MSFT) latest closing price was $340.67 on October 25, 2023. The stock price increased by $10.14 or 3.07% from the previous trading day. The daily high and low were $346.2 and $337.62 respectively. The stock’s volume of 19.55 million was lower than the average volume of 22.18 million.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI14) stands at 72, which suggests an overbought status. This indicates that the stock might face a pullback.

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) value is 3.46 for the past three months, indicating a bullish trend. The 50 Day Moving Average at $326.02 and the 200 Day Moving Average at $304.12 are both below the current price, showing strong upward momentum.

The Average True Range (ATR) stands at 2.09, which describes the stock's volatility. Considering the ATR and last closing price, a stop-loss order could be placed around $322.35.

Fundamental Analysis

Microsoft has a market capitalization of $2.43 trillion. The company's EPS is $9.68, which implies a PE ratio of 33.85. This PE ratio is on the higher side compared to the market average, indicating the stock might be overvalued.

Microsoft In terms of analyst ratings, there are 31 'buy' ratings, 4 'hold', and 2 'sell', with an overall consensus of 'Buy'. The target consensus price is $344.29, which is slightly higher than the current price. This suggests that the stock has some upward potential.

Microsoft has previously reported a slower growth rate as compared to its software-sector peers. However, recent news suggests that this trend could flip soon. The company's early investment in AI reportedly has resulted in increased revenue. This shows that Microsoft is not only maintaining its position but also focusing on new growth areas like AI.

The company also reported strong earnings results on October 24, 2023, which could be a potential catalyst for the stock. The discounted cash flow is at $332.26, showing that the stock is fairly valued at the current price.

Stock Prediction

Given the technical and fundamental factors and recent earnings report, the stock could continue the upward momentum. However, due to the overbought status indicated by the RSI, a short-term correction could occur. Therefore, we predict that on the next trading day, October 26, 2023, the stock price might pull back slightly.

For the upcoming week, considering the overall bullish sentiment, resumed growth, and AI-focused earnings capabilities, the stock could move towards the analyst target consensus of $344.29. However, volatility may be expected due to the market's current uncertainty.


Considering all factors, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) is categorized as a 'Buy'. This is due to several reasons: strong earnings, relevance in key growth areas including AI, high analyst 'buy' ratings, and potential for future growth. However, a conservative approach might be advisable due to high RSI and PE ratio, indicating overbought and overvalued status.

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