Microsoft (MSFT) Hits New All-Time High, Analysts Remain Bullish on Long-Term Potential, 2 weeks ago

Microsoft Technical Analysis

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) closed at $459.28 on July 2, 2024, achieving a new year and all-time high at $459.59. The stock exhibited a modest gain of 0.56% or 2.55 points over the prior close. The 50-day and 200-day moving averages are $423.69 and $390.18 respectively, indicating strong upward momentum. The RSI14 stands at 78, suggesting an overbought condition, which could hint at a short-term pullback. The MACD of 10.28 similarly confirms the bullish trend, while the ATR of 1.50 shows relatively low volatility. The stop-loss is set at $445.78 with near-term support at $449.78.

Fundamental Analysis

Microsoft's market cap is an extensive $3.41 trillion. The stock trades at a PE ratio of 39.73 with an EPS of 11.56, suggesting it is priced for growth but may be overvalued based on its discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation of $305.63. The dividend yield is a modest 0.16%, which is lower than many of its peers, but the company has a strong balance sheet and consistent dividend growth history.

Recent collaboration news with IBM on enhancing cloud security and its leadership in AI technology are expected to sustain investor sentiment. Analysts have a consensus "Buy" sentiment with a target median price of $457.50, which is slightly below the current price, indicating that most of the bullish expectations may already be priced in.


Microsoft For the next trading day (July 3, 2024), Microsoft is expected to experience slight fluctuations due to its overbought technical condition, but overall momentum remains strong.

For the upcoming week, continued bullishness in broader markets and strong sector-specific catalysts may keep the stock trading near its all-time high unless profit-taking leads to a correction.

Intrinsic Value and Long-Term Investment Potential

While the DCF suggests a fair value of $305.63, the strong market dominance in cloud services, AI advancements, and consistent earnings growth bolster the company’s long-term value. Microsoft’s strategic initiatives and collaboration agreements project robust growth potential, making it a compelling long-term investment despite current high valuations.

Overall Evaluation

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) is categorized as a 'Hold' candidate. The stock has shown remarkable short-term performance and strong long-term potential driven by strategic growth initiatives. However, current valuation metrics and overbought technical indicators imply that investors may want to await a better entry point or monitor for near-term market adjustments.

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