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NIO Inc. Technical Analysis: Mixed Signals and High Volatility Impact Stock Performance

StockInvest.us, 2 months ago

NIO Technical Analysis

The technical analysis of NIO Inc. (NIO) starts with its closing price of $10.04 on September 8, 2023, dropping by 0.40%. The volatility range for the day was between $9.92 and $10.15. This price of $10.04 stands in comparison to its 50-day moving average of $11.60 and the 200-day moving average of $10.20.

The RSI14 of 41, usually an indicator of momentum, shows a neutral momentum, neither indicating an overbought nor oversold position. The MACD (3-month) stands at -1.46, which could signal a bearish trend. Considering the Average True Range (ATR) of 7.01, it shows that NIO has been experiencing high volatility. The stop-loss is presently placed at $9.41, which further outlines the high-risk nature of this stock.

Regarding the barriers to the price movement, NIO has a support level at $9.79, below which the stock may face selling pressure. On the upper side, the resistance level is noted at $10.67.

Fundamental Analysis

In contrast to the technical factors, the fundamental analysis seeks to examine NIO's underlying financial indicators. The market capitalization of the company stands at approximately $18.56B, with an average daily trading volume of 25.47 million shares, which is slightly lower than the usual average volume of 65.01 million shares. NIO operates with a negative EPS of -$1.38, signifying a lack of earnings growth. The negative PE of -7.28 indicates that investors are paying for the future earnings' potential rather than current earnings.

The discounted cash flow (DCF) shows a value at about $22.18, significantly more than the present price, suggesting the stock might be undervalued.

NIO There seem to be mixed sentiments among market experts about this stock, with none recommending a strong buy or sell. In turn, 16 suggest a "Buy," and 4 recommend holding onto the stock.

News Analysis

News can greatly affect a stock's perception to investors. Three recent pieces of news seem relevant to NIO's stock performance. Firstly, despite the release of positive vehicle sales data from China, NIO's shares faced a fourth consecutive loss. Secondly, NIO is deemed as a strong player in the EV market, growing amidst supply chain constraints and COVID-19 disruptions. Finally, NIO's prediction of a better second half of the year could be a potential catalyst for an uptrend in the stock.


Taking into account all technical, fundamental, and news analyses, it is challenging to predict NIO's stock price on the next trading day, September 11, 2023, with precision. However, assuming no dramatic news or market changes, NIO could fluctuate within its daily volatility range between its support level of $9.79 and resistance level of $10.67.

For the upcoming week, given NIO's recent trend and a slightly bearish market sentiment, the stock might continue a downtrend unless any major positive news or updates occur.

Conclusion: Investment Recommendation

Based on the data at hand, NIO stock's investment evaluation would be categorized under "Hold." The reason for withholding a strong buying recommendation lies with the company’s negative earnings and the uncertainty surrounding the general market sentiment towards China-based companies. Although there is potential for future growth, as indicated by the DCF value, it would be prudent for investors looking for an immediate return to tread cautiously. Nevertheless, for investors with a high-risk appetite and longer time frame, NIO could be an interesting addition to their portfolio.

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