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When investors are recalibrating their portfolios they should take a look at current volatility levels and the target weight calculation of a given stock. Avalon Holdings Corporation (AMEX:AWX) has a Read more
AEM Holdings Ltd (SGX:AWX) currently has a current ratio of 2.44. The current ratio, which is also known as the working capital ratio, is a liquidity ratio that displays the proportion of current asse Read more
AEM Holdings Ltd (SGX:AWX) has a Value Composite score of 24. Developed by James O’Shaughnessy, the VC score uses six valuation ratios. These ratios are price to earnings, price to cash flow, EBITDA Read more
Tracking the signals for Avalon Holdings Corp (AWX), we have recently spotted the Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average trending down over the past five periods. Traders may be tracking this reading to iden Read more
Many investors are concerned with the proper portfolio diversification. Stock portfolio diversification entails spreading the investment dollars around to help minimize risk. When investors are creati Read more
As Waste Management company, Avalon Holdings Corporation (NYSEAMERICAN:AWX) is competing with its competitors based on the profitability, institutional ownership, analyst recommendations, risk, divide Read more
Shares of Avalon Holdings Corp (AWX) have been trending lower over the past five bars, revealing bearish momentum for the shares, as they ran -1.50% for the week. Looking further out we note that the Read more
Avalon Holdings Corp (AWX) shares are under scrutiny today as the Balance of Power has trended higher over multiple sessions. The Balance of Power is a simple indicator and it is used in technical ana Read more
Shares of AEM Holdings Ltd (SGX:AWX) are showing an adjusted slope average of the past 125 and 250 days of 34.40193. The Adjusted Slope 125/250d indicator is equal to the average annualized exponentia Read more
Shares of Avalon Holdings Corp (AWX) have been trending up over the past quarter, revealing solid bullish momentum for the equity, as they ran 1.70 over the past 13 weeks. Looking more nearterm, the s Read more
Tracking shares of Avalon Holdings Corp (AWX), we have spotted Span A below Span B. Traders following this signal will be looking for possible signs of a bearish shift. Once the investor has calculate Read more

Avalon reports Q4 results

09:21pm, Thursday, 14'th Mar 2019
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68 Biggest Movers From Yesterday

09:22am, Thursday, 14'th Mar 2019
Gainers Akari Therapeutics PLC (NASDAQ: AKTX ) shares jumped 224.18 percent to close at $5.90 on Wednesday after the company had a successful Type B, pre-IND meeting with the FDA regarding Akari's pro Read more

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