The increasing focus on finding alternative energy sources and diminishing global reliability on fossil fuels has resulted in clean energy investments surging $2 trillion. Capitalize on the growing co
First Trust NASDAQ® Clean Edge® Green Energy Index Fund ETF is a compelling investment option in the clean energy sector, offering exposure to key players in the industry. The QCLN ETF tracks the NA
After a dismal performance in the first four months, the renewable energy space showed a remarkable comeback in May driven by bullishness surrounding artificial intelligence (AI).
With the world fighting to go green, investors should pay close attention to some of the best renewable energy stocks to buy. Thanks to wind and solar, about 30% of the world's electricity was produce
The Inflation Reduction Act was actually the largest green energy subsidy in history. The bill will provide wide-ranging tax incentives for various "green" end markets over the next decade.
The First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy ETF casts a wide net across different renewable energy themes. The iShares Global Clean Energy ETF is a bet on increased international investment in rene
With the world fighting to go green, you may want to load up on clean energy stocks. For one, according to the U.S. Department of the Interior, “The demand for renewable energy has never been great
The First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy Fund is a highly speculative Renewable Electricity ETF with the potential for significant gains and losses. Lately, QCLN has suffered declines greater th

ETFs in Focus After First Solar Q4 Earnings

12:06pm, Thursday, 29'th Feb 2024
First Solar Q4 earnings has put ETFs with the highest allocation to the largest U.S. solar module manufacturer in focus.
Investors who piled into clean energy themes the last few years are experiencing some performance pain this year, as we appear to be experiencing a detour on the road to the clean energy transition. R

QCLN: Clean Energy At A Good Price

11:53pm, Wednesday, 14'th Feb 2024
Clean energy stocks have the potential to become a lucrative investment trend in the coming years. The First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy Index Fund ETF is a potential investment for exposure
While the megacap technology names once again drove the U.S. stock market to solid monthly gains to kick off 2024, some of the last year's stock laggards continued to struggle.
Hi! This week's ETF Wrap funds looks at China-focused funds that are struggling in 2024, with Clocktower's chief strategist Marko Papic providing his take on concerns tied to the country.

This Growth ETF Could Soar in 2024

05:32am, Wednesday, 27'th Dec 2023
The Clean Edge Energy Fund encompasses parts of the energy transition you may have never even considered investing in. The industry has been hit hard by high interest rates.
Interest rates have a major impact on capital-intensive investments like renewables. The Invesco Solar ETF and Global Clean Energy ETF are excellent ways to invest in renewable energy.
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