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Apple is facing multiple issues that affect its financial results and underlying business. However, there remain good reasons to be excited about its long-term prospects.
Chipotle recently announced a 50-for-1 stock split set to take effect on June 25, one of the biggest splits in New York Stock Exchange history Microsoft shares soared 249% over the last five years, po

Here's how much Bill Gates earns from dividends

04:31am, Thursday, 18'th Apr 2024
Bill Gates, a renowned billionaire, prioritizes dividend income in his investment strategy. Gates is projected to raise an impressive $463.2 million in dividends this year, reflecting his commitment t
It's often said that baseball is America's pastime. But for some investors, Fed watching is the real spectator sport.
Microsoft (MSFT) reportedly won't face E.U. probe over OpenAI deal.
The most exciting time of the year is finally here – earnings season. This is when prospective investors eagerly wait to see how the market is doing and professional investors try to time their move
With a lot of uncertainty in the market from geopolitics down to monetary policy, jittery investors may find comfort in hedge fund picks. Specifically, ideas that the alpha wolves of the market have p
Nvidia's amazing run is set to continue well into the next decade, making it a prime candidate to become the largest American company by 2035. Amazon should continue to climb the list, thanks to its d
Palantir might be a smaller company, but that doesn't automatically make Microsoft the better investment.
In many ways thanks to being an early backer of current-generation artificial intelligence (AI) technology with its extensive cooperation with OpenAI – the creators of ChatGPT – Microsoft (NASDAQ:
Morgan Stanley sees Microsoft as the company best positioned to monetize generative artificial intelligence across infrastructure and applications. Microsoft 365 Copilt and Azure artificial intelligen
You don't always have to find small hidden gems to outperform the stock market. Buying shares of reliable corporations can help you outpace the stock market.
CNBC's Steve Kovach joins 'Power Lunch' to report on Microsoft's UAE AI deal.
Microsoft (MSFT) invests $1.5 billion in G42, a leading UAE-based artificial intelligence technology holding company, to enhance the country's position as a global AI hub.
Tech stocks remain a constant source of fascination and speculation for investors. However, investors often overcomplicate things when the industry leaders are right in front of them.
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