500 Totten Pond Road, 4th Floor

Waltham MA 02451

781 374 8100

EVINE Live Inc.


Evolv Technologies Holdings, Inc. provides artificial intelligence (AI)-based touchless security screening systems. Its products include Evolv Express, a touchless security screening system designed to detect firearms, improvised explosive devices, and tactical knives as visitors walk through at a normal pace; Evolv Insights that provides self-serve access, insights regarding visitor flow and arrival curves, location specific performance, system detection performance, and alarm statistics; and Evolv Edge to detect non-metallic explosive devices, explosive devices, firearms, and tactical knives without requiring visitors to divest or empty their pockets. The company is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.

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Top Fintech Company featured in The Global Fintech Index 2020 as the top Fintech company of the country.

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